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Google Search Engine Traffic

When surfing the web, consumers are more likely to click the web page on the top of the screen. As a business owner, obtaining high ranked website pages on the search engine is extremely important. Most consumers are not willing to scroll through the page to find what they are looking for. Studies have shown that web pages that appear on the first page receive more than 90% more traffic than others. Websites on the second page receives a little over 4% the foot traffic and websites on the third page receive a little over 1%-foot traffic.

More research has shown that to get to the top of the search engine, it’s all about ranking. When googling, a web page will appear based on the connection between the keywords that were googled and the key words on the owner’s website. If this explanation was vague, there are resources that you can use to inform you on this topic. Google has a keyword tool that is completely free to use. There are also independent companies that specializes in researching this, including companies like 445 Media, and other SEO organizations.

The last important fact to increasing foot traffic is making sure the content on the website is quality and pertinent to the subject. Many website owners have lots of irrelevant content on their website that does not pertain to the actual topic. This is something that will in fact decrease foot traffic. Website visitors want to visit websites that are helpful. Including helpful information on your website will increase foot traffic significantly.

If your website is used for selling products, then trying to increase keyword foot traffic isn’t a clever idea. This is because most visitors will be seeking information instead of looking to purchase products. It would be pointless to have plenty foot traffickers and no sales.

When building a website, please keep these tips in mind for the best results. The goal is always to have your webpage on the top of the page when searched! If help is needed, please refer to Google’s free tools or a SEO company!

Online Marketer Should Know About Site Optimization Services

With the growing usage and popularity of Internet the e-commerce industry has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the recent decades. Thanks to the advanced technologies as well as the smart and knowledgeable innovators who work hard in order provide more user-friendly techniques for the online shoppers. Clicking a button from the home computers or mobile phones looks easy for every online shopper who does the whole process in few minutes or even seconds. For making these amazing things to happen lots of human brains and other processes are involved in the back end in order to make the online shopping with thrilling experience. Executing these ‘magical’ things rests with the experts employed by the site optimization firm. This article is mainly aimed to educate the readers about the most complex strategies used by these companies like SEO firm and digital marketing firm.


By just developing e-commerce websites the online business owners need to be aware of some facts and strategies used by the web developers whom they hire. Without knowing some fundamentals it is impossible to appreciate the work executed by the experts especially the conversion optimizers in this case, who use some of the well proven strategies in getting the right prospects to the commercial websites. In this aspect every online marketer needs to know the importance of the services rendered by the firms like digital marketing companies. The role of SEO experts cannot be ignored by these online marketers as these experts give a new meaning to the commercial websites and make the sites very effective in getting the right and quality sales leads. This is considered to be the most important function in the area of online marketing. In fact every online marketer has to know a fact that search engine position ranking as well as SEO firm goes hand in hand in making every e-commerce website viable and more importantly profitable by concerting the mere visitors to customers. With the help of available SEO firm, there is chance for every internet marketing expert to promote the website within shorter time frame.