Is SEO Relevant Today – Food For Thought

As we enter the world of social media and digital marketing, the often asked question is whether SEO continues to be relevant. There are many who could talk about the imminent passing away of search engine optimization because of changing internet technologies and website tools and methods. At the end of the day there is no doubt that search engine optimization continues to be as relevant today as it was a few years or decades back. Even Google the search engine giant continues to use SEO quite widely and this perhaps is the biggest example as to why search engine optimization continues to be relevant even today. We will try and fin doubt a few more reasons as to why it will continue to rule the roost for the next few decades.


Keywords Still Continue To Be The King


In spite of social media marketing, audio and video marketing and content writing, there is no doubt that keywords still continue to be as relevant as they were. This is because most information seekers on the internet make use of the keywords for such purposes. Hence whenever one talks about keywords the role of search engine optimization becomes important by default. As long as searches are made on the internet using keywords there will continue to be a big demand for search engine optimization. However, the method using SEO might undergo some change and this is where the role of expert Denver SEO experts will come into play.


Continue To Focus On Content


Though content will continue to be very important there is no denying the fact that quality of contents will have to be of the highest quality to make things happen. Poor quality contents will get rejected outright by Google crawlers and it will in no way also help online visitors to stay on websites for a reasonably long period of time. The number of words also forms an important aspect of any quality SEO program. Though small sized contents are important, the normal focus should be around 2000 words because this will ensure that there is some good stuff in the content which could attract customers.


Focus On Video And Audio Content


Apart from text content, which will continue to dominate, as SEO professionals there also is the need to focus on quality audio and video content without which things may not move adequately forward in the days and months to come.


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